Cranston Chemist – Travel Clinic and Registered Yellow Fever Centre

Know Your Numbers Week

As patients were waiting for medication they were asked if they knew their blood pressure reading. A measurement of the blood pressure was taken (using the blood pressure testing guide provided) and noted on the forms along with gender, age and ethnicity. Following the reading lifestyle advice was provided on fruit and vegetable intake, salt intake, weight, exercise, medication and alcohol. Each of the blood pressure categories was explained and the patient was informed which category they fell under. If blood pressure reading was high we offered them to come back for a second reading and then to book a GP appointment.

We promoted the campaign by encouraging patients to be aware of their blood pressure and raising awareness of the importance of a normal blood pressure. We also highlighted where additional information and resource packs were available from. Patients understood the importance of a normal blood pressure and were keen to make lifestyle changes to improve their readings.


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