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Free NHS Flu Jabs

Flu can be serious in some patient groups and can lead to further complications. You may be eligible for a free NHS flu vaccine if you are over 18 and meet any of the following criteria:

  • Are over 65
  • Are pregnant
  • Have diabetes or asthma
  • Have lung, heart, kidney or liver disease
  • Have a weakened immune system (or live with someone who has)
  • Are in a long-stay residential care home
  • Are a carer (you may be receiving carer’s allowance, or be the main carer for someone elderly or disabled, or a frontline health and social care worker).

Our pharmacists will check your eligibility for the free flu vaccination during your consultation.

Private flu jab – Competitively priced.
You will be able to protect yourself and your loved ones with the private flu jab services if you do not qualify for the free NHS flu jab services. Please contact us to find out.

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