Cranston Chemist – Travel Clinic and Registered Yellow Fever Centre


A message from your local community pharmacy:

If you suspect there’s even the slightest chance that you might have Coronavirus – DO NOT GO TO A PHARMACY but use instead for advice and guidance.

We can help with and advise on:

✔ Heart meds, that stop people having heart attacks.
✔ Diabetes meds, that stop people slipping a coma.
✔ Epilepsy meds, that keep people seizure free.
✔ Blood thinners, that reduce the likelihood that people will have another stroke.
✔ Inhalers for people whose lungs can’t handle what may yet befall them.
✔ A huge sense of responsibility to people that rely on us to make sure they receive these incredibly vital medications.

If we get ill, because you bring Coronavirus into our pharmacy, it’s not just us that are affected.

When our team falls ill, we cannot provide the level of service necessary to ensure people with life threatening conditions receive the medication they depend on.


One thing we do have? A phone. You do too. You’re probably reading this post on it. If you simply must speak to a member of the pharmacy team, then pick up the phone.

Give us a chance to help you, without risking the health and wellbeing of the team, and the hundreds of people who rely on us.

Also please refrain from stockpiling medicines. The more that you keep in your cupboard at home, the less there is to go around for people who need it now. Just take a look at the situation in supermarkets. Let’s all act responsibly and make sure everybody’s gets what they need, for the longest time possible.

Take care of yourselves and the most vulnerable in our community.

From the team at Cranston